1. Mosey

From the recording Home Brew

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Released October 27, 2020
(c) 2020 Roots Asylum
Cover Photo (c) 2020 Aaron Kowalski

Jimmy Macaroni: Lyrics, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Susan Spade: Lyrics
Jeromy Timmer: Electric Guitar
Mike Roche: Electric Guitar
C.D. Craig: Bass Guitar
A.A. Miller: Drums and Percussion
Aaron Kowalski: Tambourine

Recorded in Jimmy Macaroni's Penthouse Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Roche at Broadside Productions in Kalamazoo, Michigan
license all rights reserved


She my Mosey, baby, you don't know
See that frying pan whipping past your nose
Her cupboard is an arsenal, her eyes are aglow
Best not come 'round here say, 80 feet or so
Bets not come 'round here baby, no, no, no, no

She my Mosey baby, you can't stay
Rolling pins all flying through the fray
Her kitchen is a pitching mound
The children run away
Best not come 'round here babe, no no not today
Bets not come 'round here babe, no, no, stay away

I said Mosey, get in to the car
She gonna get there some day some how
But who put that cookin wine in her reach?
We best to get the heck all out of here, right now

She my Mosey, baby, get saying grace
Sunday morning breakfast served right in your face
That fork been long stuck in the wall from back in the day
She my Mosey baby now, you can't stay
She my Mosey baby now, best stay away
Don't come 'round here say, 80 feet or so
Best not come 'round here, babe, no no no no

She my Mosey, baby, you don't know
She my Mosey, baby, you don't know
She my Mosey, baby, you don't know