The Rebuild of Roots Asylum's Live Show           July 11 2023


Roots Asylum has not performed a live show in over a year.  More than once, the band has been akin to a oldsmobile with the wheels falling off as you drive down the road.  First it was the pandemic that caused our shows to get cancelled.  But in early 2022, two of our band members had decided that they were no longer interested in playing live shows.

Time to make the lemonade, we transitioned into a studio band and recorded about 10 singles at La Luna Sound and Recording in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We've been working on those song ever since and it has been the very best materiel of my life.  The songs sound amazing and we're having a blast.  Fast forward to a year and a half later...

And its time to "get this show on the road" as the saying goes.  We've added a couple of incredibly talented individuals to the band.  First we found our new drummer, Chris.  He's a true rock drummer and it adds a lot of energy to our sound.  And Brett has joined playing bass guitar, but is also a guitar player so there will definitely be more switching instruments in this iteration of the band. 

We've got to coordinate a photoshoot, learn all the songs and add the newly written songs as well.   So, look for some updates and shows in the next 3 to 6 months.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone while we're out there.  And we're striving to the best of our abilities to make this a special band to fill you with joy and break your hearts with sadness.  The stories we share are universal as everyone has had their share of ups and downs.  

We hope to see you out there and can't wait for it to happen.  Looking forward to it very much!

- Jimmy



Roots Asylum Releases Captivating Americana Rock Single "Girl In A Tower" 

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN - Roots Asylum, the dynamic Americana Rock band hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, has just released their enchanting single, "Girl In A Tower." The song, which weaves metaphorical tales of dragons, towers, and true love, is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

"Girl In A Tower" transports listeners into a world of timeless romance and adventure. With poetic lyrics and an irresistible Americana Rock sound, the song captures the essence of a princess longing to be rescued by her true love. The powerful vocals, layered with mesmerizing melodies, paint a vivid picture of a captivating tale. 

The track's instrumentation is nothing short of exceptional, featuring a masterful blend of timbales, rock drums, melodic bass guitar, and the uplifting rhythm of the acoustic guitar. Like a knight in shining armor, the song's tastefully peppered electric guitar licks elevate the energy, driving the narrative forward. 

Roots Asylum's commitment to crafting intricate musical landscapes shines through in "Girl In A Tower." The artistry creates an immersive experience, where listeners can imagine the dragon's roar, feel the height of the tower, and embrace the hope of a prince's arrival. 

"Girl In A Tower" by Roots Asylum invites music lovers to embark on a sonic journey, where fairy tales and modern sounds converge. Its release on 06/27/2023 has ignited excitement among fans and critics alike, who anticipate the band's upcoming triumphs in the Americana Rock scene. 

To experience the enchantment of "Girl In A Tower" and explore more of Roots Asylum's captivating repertoire, visit their official website at Follow the band on social media to stay updated on their latest news, releases, and upcoming performances. 

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