(c) 2020 Roots Asylum

"80's Hair Bands" is a new underground rock song with massive potential. You’ve discovered a new song about growing up in the 80's that’s destined to be massive. It features an unexpected songwriting team, electric guitar, swank vocal harmonies, and a tight rythm section with instrumentation to make you more woke than your own mom.

Now you’ve discovered it. Rock it!

Written by Susan Spade, Jimmy Mac, Aaron Miller, Carrick Craig, Shawn Toth and Aaron Kowalski.

Susan Spade - Lyrics
Jimmy Mac - Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and lyrics
Shawn Toth - Keys and harmony vocals
Carrick Craig - Bass Guitar
Aaron Miller - Drums and percussion
Aaron Kowalski - Percussion

(c) Cover photograph by Aaron Kowalski (2020)
Engineered by Ian Gorman
Mixed by Samuel Peters
Mastered by Samuel Peters
Produced by Jimmy Mac
Recorded at La Luna Recording and Sound in Kalamazoo, Michigan