What's Johnny Depp got to do with Roots Asylum?

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There have been times in my life when I was in a relationship with someone who was very difficult, starting with my father.  I went on in life to be attracted to people who were bipolar because that's what I grew up with.  I have a deep well of inspiration when it comes to writing about toxic relationships and bad friendships.  For some of us, it takes some time to understand the difference between friends and frenemies.  It took me 45 years. 

The name of Roots Asylum's new song is "Talk About You".  Susan and I wrote the lyrics together.  She had similar experiences and hers were very powerful in her life as well.  The band went into the recording studio recently to capture and release it.  

It seems the upcoming  release date coincides with Johnny Depp's trail which is appropriate.  I've been watching bits and pieces of the trial and I really feel for Johnny.  When I was in my thirties, I went through a similar experience, but on a lower budget.  Regardless, I know what it is like to be betrayed and abused by someone you cared about.   Someone who became very cruel.  And there are a lot of people in the world who have borderline and histrionic personality disorders.  

I celebrate Johnny's presumed victory in redeeming himself against the lies.  I hope everyone realizes so many lies are told behind people's backs and just not true.  Anyone should be allowed to defend themselves as Johnny finally has had the opportunity to do, once it presented itself.  

This song is one piece of our story.  I hope you enjoy and find it healing.   Congrats Johnny Depp on your presumed win.  You deserve it!  

A pre-release version of the song can be found here: 


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Jimmy Mac 

Roots Asylum

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